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POV is an interdisciplinary digital zine that offers artists from a wide range of disciplines and all interested the opportunity for presentation, exchange, discussion, and inspiration.

The zine is a platform by and for artists and emerging creatives to provide a framework for a sustained exchange of ideas on current topics and concerns and to enable mutual inspiration and share. The zine brings together different perspectives, thoughts, and ideas under a thematic focus, creating a space for exchange, reflection and inspiration.


The project was born out of a desire to give artists an independent platform for support and expression, a place to come together in uncertain and disconnected times. After the first issue published in 2020 under the former name SEPAREE (Puczine #1): we will publish the next issue in May 2022 under the new name POV [POINT OF VIEW].


With two publications annually, in spring and fall, each thematically dedicated to a different focus, POV presents different creative positions and content perspectives in the form of a wide variety of digital formats and diverse media (article, column, interview, graphic, animation, photo, video, sound, etc.). In addition to the submitted works, each issue of POV also includes editorial contributions, as well as exclusive interviews on the respective thematic focus of the issue. 



With contributions from

PUC, Gerhard Fresacher, Bita Bell, Sarah Sophie Schuster,

Georg Tkalec, Martin Unterlechner, Ulrich Kaufmann &

Anna Possarnig, Pieter De Cuyper, Carmen Lael Hines,

Janina Arendt, Dakota Wayne, Babsi Neindlinger

SEPAREE is the first edition of a digital zine published in May 2020 under the topic Séparée. 


PUC Zine-Team

Maria Shurkhal, Marina Rützler, Max Windisch-Spoerk, Anna Possarnig

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