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In the next year I will go to the forest and hide there as long it is needed until the world is at least a bit better and we can sing everyday for Woman, Life & Freedom. TAKE THE DOUBTS AS A OPPORTUNITY Turtle vs. Rabbit Slow, consistent, careful, aware "carry you home with you." live in your body Live in a peace with your mind Don't worry about the things which you don't have a power or ability to influence. Good or bad will happen no matter what you think about it. Enjoy every day of your life. Each day is closer to your end  Enjoy every day of your life. Each day is closer to your end. End can happen not far away. End can happen tomorrow. End can happen in next hours. What will you live after you go? Money? House? Car? Memory? How many people will remember you? Why? MAYBE I SHOULD ASK MYSELF IF SHORT- OR LONGTERM... IT'S EASY TO MAKE AN IMPRESSION BY JUST BEING LOUD AND/OR RUDE. THE QUESTION RATHER IS NOW THE QUESTION RATHER IS HOW TO TOUCH PEOPLE'S HEARTS? OF COURSE WITHOUT CUTTING THEIR CHEST OPEN. IT LAUGHS! WHAT A SUPRISE. All this wonderful suspicions and dreams beyond reality and beyond dreams! stay dreaming!

collective writing installation, 2022

Collective Future is the result of the experiment of a collaborative story that was written by several unknown individuals. Each person wrote a part of the story, without knowing the whole previous text, only the last words of the pre-writer gave a vague prediction of the future scenario that had been plotted before.

Thanks to all who participated!

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