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Die Labile Botschaft is a creative co-working space run by the association Verein für Kunst und Ausgleich (KUA).



Situated in Vienna’s center and amongst many embassies in the third district, Die Labile Botschaft is an informal and borderless embassy, holding space for a diverse and international group of freelance workers to produce their passion projects individually and in collaboration on common interests.

INSTAGRAM: DieLabileBotschaft 

ADDRESS: Salesianergasse 10, 1030 Vienna


By exchanging and combining different intercultural backgrounds and disciplines, the aim is to create public gatherings between the fields of visual art and performance, implementing and examining multimedial and transdisciplinary approaches, questioning and criticizing contemporary issues and structures, and form a stronger network of solidarity, alyship, and friendship.

The Verein für KUA promotes and supports art projects and cultural interventions that focus on facilitating a discourse towards possibilities for social change. With the support of MA7 Stadtteilkultur und Interkulturalität Funding in 2022, Die Labile Botschaft hosted and organized events including exhibitions (i.e. Museo Mexicano MUME), concerts (i.e. Jungle Jade), talks (i.e. Archie Burnett), BIPOC book club by Verein fürunsvonuns, and Drag night.

(C) Bita Bell

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