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​What is POV?

The zine is a digital platform by and for artists from any discipline. Our wish is to provide a framework for a sustained exchange of ideas on current topics and concerns and to enable mutual inspiration and sharing. The zine brings together different perspectives, thoughts, and ideas under a thematic focus, creating a space for exchange, reflection and inspiration. 


With two digital publications annually, in spring and autumn, each thematically dedicated to a different focus, POV presents different creative positions and content perspectives in the form of a wide variety of digital formats and diverse media (article, column, interview, graphic, animation, photo, video, sound, etc.).


In addition to the submitted works, each issue of POV also includes editorial contributions, as well as exclusive interviews on the respective thematic focus of the issue.


​What is the topic of the call?

In the upcoming edition #2, we are looking at time and all the incredible ways we can capture it. Like the Greek deity Aion we want to run around naked with the orb that encompasses the universe and get to know what you think about eternity, circulations, generations, centuries, and seconds.


POVZINE's next topic is aeon - the notion that points at time in large, life-overcoming units. We invite you to join our past, present, and future measured in one billion years.

Keywords: time / gap/ generations / time which creates distance between ideologies and subjects / life / being / ages / forever / non-linear time

Tell us what you think, share what you feel. We are curious about your points of view. 

Do I have to pay for the submission?


No, the submission is free of charge.

What can be submitted?


We are open to any format that can be transmitted digitally in some way. If your work requires special technical requirements, please contact us or mention this in your submission. All artistic forms and formats, from both emerging and professional artists and all types of creative explorers are welcome.

What are the selection criteria?


We are open to any point of view on our current topic aeon and everything related to or coming up from it. What we do not accept and will not consider: any kind of discriminating or violating content.

Who makes the selection?


All submitted projects will be carefully reviewed by our curators' team. Based on the submissions, the next step is to select and compose the content. Our curatorial team generally takes care of the content design and research of the zine.

When will I be informed about the selections?


You will hear from us by the end of October 2022.

Will I be paid if my project is selected?


Once published, the zine will be digitally available for the public upon a donation of their choice. All money collected from the readers will be shared among the contributors.​

I still have questions!


Great, just contact us:

We look forward to hearing from you!



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