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Wet Flower
Wet Flower

In our next issue, we explore the figure of the femme fragile* and which ideas are behind this concept.


»The term femme fragile is the conceptual counterpart of the self-conscious femme fatale.« says Wikipedia.

We look at the concept of a femme fragile beyond the "strong-weak" and the submissive male gaze.


Is it possible that in fragility lies strength, power, and confidence?

Is it possible to simultaneously be weak and strong?

Is it possible that this same fragility will be fatal to the patriarchal order?

We are seeking content that reflects within the topic of femme fragile on present concerns, solutions, challenges, limitations, possibilities, visions, aesthetics, obsessions,

and so on. Tell us what you think, share your feelings and ideas. We are curious about your feminist, personal, planned, spontaneous, practical, or theoretical points of view.


We are open to contributions of any format, genre, or discipline. Whether it's a recipe or an essay, a gif or a poem, a movement or a drawing, a spoken message or a photo, or ... - give it a go!

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